First Fridays Artists

First Friday Line-Up Friday May 4th Evening @ the Free Press Cafe

Gabriela Aguero

Gabriela Aguero is an Argentinian-born Winnipeg artist who has done work around human rights issues, environmental issues, disability issues, including an interesting collaborative project with residents of West End Commons. She currently works at the Museum for Human Rights.

Jaime Black

Jaime Black whose is known for her Red Dress project, an installation work that was displayed in multiple sites. For this artwork she addressed murdered and missing Indigenous women. She is currently part of Resilience, a nation-wide billboard show that starts up this spring showcasing art of 50 Indigenous women.

Lita Fontaine

Lita Fontaine is an Indigenous artist who is a Dakota Ashinabe and who was inspired by the work of the Woodlands artists. She is also part of the Resilience exhibition in which she will focus on concerns regarding water rights and environmental issues.

All three artists have also worked in areas of art education, outreach and curriculum development.