Pam Patterson (PhD) to do Gateskell Address at upcoming CSEA-SCÉA conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Pam Patterson (PhD) has been active in the education, art, performance and women’s communities for over 30 years. Her research, performance and teaching have focussed on embodiment in art teaching and practice, the “body” in art, disability studies, women’s studies and art education with publications in journals such as: Studies in Art Education, LEARNing Landscapes, Canadian Art Teacher, Resources for Feminist Research, Matriarts: A Canadian Feminist Art Journal, FUSE, Fibrearts, and Parachute. She has also presented at conferences such as: the Feminism and Art Conference (Toronto), History of Art Education Symposium (Penn State), and Moving Bodies, Embodying Movement: Exploring the Rhetoric of the Body (State University of New York, Brockport) and various Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA) conferences across Canada.


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